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LMR-400 50 Ohm Coax Cable 90 ft PL259 PL259 CB Ham Radio Antenna Wire UHF VHF 90

LMR-400 50 Ohm Coax Cable 90 ft PL259 PL259 CB Ham Radio Antenna Wire UHF VHF 90

LMR-400 50 Ohm Coax Cable 90 ft PL259 PL259 CB Ham Radio Antenna Wire UHF VHF 90

Wholesale and Retail sales of USA Made Coaxial Cable Assemblies for all RF requirements. "We don't just Assemble Coax Cables in the USA That's where our Coax is Manufactured". Just where was your cable made? LMR-400 50 Ohm Coax Cable 90 ft PL259 PL259 CB Ham Radio Antenna Wire UHF VHF 90 ft.

Producing Times Microwave and other US Made and Assembled RF coaxial antenna cables. MPD Digital is Veteran Owned, Woman Owned, Small Business operating with warehousing and production facilities in Southern Georgia about 150 miles South of Atlanta. We are incorporated as Kimberly Distribution LLC.

Kim Nelson owns, and operates Kimberly Distribution LLC / MPD Digital and manages all production and daily operations. Kim and MPD Digital Never sell cheap Chinese Cable and ships hundreds of custom made cable assemblies to Hams and commercial radio operators each day.

MPD Digital Coaxial Cable Manufacturing Process. Our new computerized machinery is programmed with over 900 specific strips for termination of each connector and cable type we use. Making hundreds of cables a day is impossible without hi quality crimping presses.

MPD Digital uses multiple pneumatic crimping machines from DMC, Kings and Pasternack. Each machine uses calibrated dies correct for a specific cable type. While the majority of our cable assemblies use crimped connectors, many connectors use soldered pins and for LMR-400 and other cables MPD offers PL-259 connectors that are milled Brass with heavy Silver plate and Teflon Dielectrics. In order to properly use high temp lead free Silver solder MPD employs advanced Metcal soldering stations. Ham/CB Standard Connectors and Wireless/Wifi Internet Connectors are Different. Coaxial connectors are designed to provide secure signals from your equipment.

In this tab we show connectors designed for Ham and CB Radio as well as Wireless Internet an make sure you know the difference. The most common connectors used in Ham and CB Radio are the Male and Female UHF Connectors. Straight SMA and TNC connectors shown here are Not used for Wireless Internet antennas or routers in the USA.

Mini UHF, BNC, and FME Connectors are used in Amateur Radio, Cellular, and Data Connections. N Connectors are used for all Antenna connections for both Amateur Radios and Wireless Internet. Straight or Reverse Polarity - Big Difference! At one time all connectors were straight.

Boys were boys and Girls were girls then along came the Government.. In order to regulate WiFi and try to create connectors specialized for it's use we have the FCC and the wonderful concept of RP (Reverse Polarity). Now we have Females with Male Pins and Males with Female innards.

See the picture here of SMAs, but TNCs, BNCs, Ns and others can all be Straight or RP depending on their use. Take a look at the photos and if you don't know which you need Please Ask. The vast majority of Wireless antennas and Routers use RP-SMA Connectors. LMR400 50 Ohm Coax Cable 100ft PL-259 CB UHF VHF PL259.

Shireen, Jeffa, Sheren, Cellphone Mate. Cable can result in even the best antenna being worse than useless. Hen you read carefully you will find that the cable is not Times Microwave, Not made in the US. What many folks fail to realize is that poor quality cable will cost you significant signal strength.

At some frequencies, badly made or wimpy 1/8 or 1/4 inch cable can cost you up to a Db a foot! Is the cable you are looking at Described as. "Compare to" "Equivalent to""Replacement for" "Same as" or even "Like". This is common with poor quality cable made in Mainland China or some other lesser known locations.

405 inch Cable is perfect for runs when you don't want to loose signal strength but it isn't cheap, so please choose a product that will last for 20+ years and give you the service you require. Copper prices are rising and some off shore producers are being caught using substandard alloys... PL-259 -Series connector - male.

LMR400 Ultra Low Loss - transmission line. 1 x PL-259 -Series connector - male. Transmission Line - Connects Access Points, Routers and Radio transmitters to Antenna.

We have many listings for cable sets with different connector configurations. And make cables with over 150 Connector Combinations! We will also professionally replace connections as needed with high quality SMA, BNC, RP-SMA, N, RP-TNC or TNC ends in male or female CONNECTOR PHOTOS HERE.

And scroll down to see detailed pictures of the different cable connectors and select those required to customize cable for your needs. After trial and error we determined the proper connector for our production. RF Industries produces a high quality Silver connector that solders easily using silver solder and still manages to be affordable. Quality control has proven to be excellent and they deliver solid signals with minimal loss. Connector Type PL-259 UHF Male.

Silver plated body for best connectivity. Plated outer Silver inner for durability. Ultra Low Loss Antenna Cable. UHF / VHF Transmission Line.

Too much attenuation or signal loss? Please see the fine print! If you cut it up you keep it.

Cable should be in "like new" condition, teeth marks/burns/slices etc. Please don't run it up a tower and scrape/fray it then change your mind. Run all tests while still coiled.

We produce hundreds of cable combinations. There ARE other quality coax producers out there other than Times Microwave. Certain Chinese plants make cable for a large number of resellers and as copper prices go up, the quality of the alloy used tends to go down as.

Cheaper producers tend to substitute inferior alloy without telling or use cable with variable dielectric thickness and copper alloys less than 95% pure for poor conductivity. Skinny cable has less metal to conduct your signal and causes more loss.

Confused by the world of WiFi and Ham Radio Types, Gender and Polarity of Coaxial Connectors? Signal losses are frequency dependent. Losses can be reduced by. The diameter of the cable. A cable with twice the diameter will have half the signal effect resistance loss. Assuming cable quality is equal, the larger cable would. In designing a system, consider not only the loss in the cable, but also the loss in the connectors. Cheap connectors give you as much loss as cheap cable. On a final note, poorly made LMR600 "type" cable can have a greater signal loss than good LMR400...

See the cable chart below. Run the largest, best quality cable you can afford. This is Top Quality LMR400 50 Ohm Cable. All common Radio Frequency (RF) devices CB, Ham, WiFi, Packet Radio, etc.

Are to be used with 50 Ohm cables and connectors. 75 Ohm cables and connectors are designed for low frequency signals like Video or Cable TV and are unsuitable for. We have LMR-400 75 ohm for antenna matching if needed. LMR-400 cable is designed for outdoor or indoor applications, can be direct buried, and the outer jacket resists. There is no environmental restriction on use for indoor installations. We do not mark merchandise values below value or mark items as "gifts" - US and International government regulations prohibit such behavior. Based on our years and experience in the business, we believe this is cost-efficient. And if you have questions or concerns, feel free to send us a message. Our partnership delivers the packages to John F. There will be a two kilogram weight limit. Our company does not mark merchandise values below value or mark items as "gifts" U. And other International government regulations prohibit such act.

And we dont plan on stopping either! Our company accepts a Product Return for ANY Reason. 3 If an item fails to operate within the company policy of 60 day return period. We are not alone here; neither does Sears, WalMart, Home Depot etc.

An instance would be ordering wrong cable without seeking assistance from us. Our cables are rated with a 20-year-lifespan and are expected tolast. If your cable fails, well be glad to make things right. If needed we will help you file a claim and provide a replacement. The item "LMR-400 50 Ohm Coax Cable 90 ft PL259 PL259 CB Ham Radio Antenna Wire UHF VHF 90" is in sale since Friday, November 6, 2015.

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LMR-400 50 Ohm Coax Cable 90 ft PL259 PL259 CB Ham Radio Antenna Wire UHF VHF 90