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392M HF VHF mobile antenna mars cap 600 watt HOA emcomm emergency mars field day

392M HF VHF mobile antenna mars cap 600 watt HOA emcomm emergency mars field day
392M HF VHF mobile antenna mars cap 600 watt HOA emcomm emergency mars field day
392M HF VHF mobile antenna mars cap 600 watt HOA emcomm emergency mars field day
392M HF VHF mobile antenna mars cap 600 watt HOA emcomm emergency mars field day
392M HF VHF mobile antenna mars cap 600 watt HOA emcomm emergency mars field day
392M HF VHF mobile antenna mars cap 600 watt HOA emcomm emergency mars field day
392M HF VHF mobile antenna mars cap 600 watt HOA emcomm emergency mars field day
392M HF VHF mobile antenna mars cap 600 watt HOA emcomm emergency mars field day
392M HF VHF mobile antenna mars cap 600 watt HOA emcomm emergency mars field day

392M HF VHF mobile antenna mars cap 600 watt HOA emcomm emergency mars field day
I would like to talk to you about your options when it comes to HF mobile antennas, I know there are many many different antennas available on the market for HF mobile operation. I receive several emails a day with questions about my antenna and comparing it to other antennas.

First of all, let me say, almost all the antennas that you find for HF operation have their place, you will need to decide what is most important to you. You will need to think about the price of the antenna itself, along with the cost of installation. Then, you will want to consider how easy the antenna is to use, will you need a tuner?

How do I change bands? Then, just as important, how durable is it?

What kind of Maintenance will be required? And how much power will it handle? Prices vary so dramatically for HF mobile antenna systems! Then there are all the antenna systems in between! These antennas are easy to set up and they do work, but there is a cost, efficiency!

Most of these antennas are less than 70 in Long, and have narrow coils at the base with tap points for each ham band. The fact that they have short whips and inefficient narrow coils, actually makes it easier to get them tuned up. The reason for this is, the resistance is high enough in the system to make it unnecessary to match the impedance at the feed point. A more efficient antenna will need capacitance or inductance added at the feed point the lower in frequency you go.

You will see on my Suburban in my YouTube video, the small coil that I built for the base of the antenna, this works very well for inductance matching, and after its setup it will need no further adjustments. My antenna is much more efficient on the lower bands then the shorter all band antennas.

Another point to make about the smaller antennas with the tapped coils is, they are only designed for a few bands, then to adjust for each band you must raise and lower the whip to tune it for each band. My antenna is designed to be used on any frequency from 3 megahertz to 30 megahertz simply by adjusting the tap points on the coil. After you initialize the antenna, there is no need to adjust the whip for each band. My antenna has a set of course tuning Taps, and a set of fine-tuning taps. Once you learn how to use the antenna it is very simple!

Then there are much more expensive antennas than mine, most of them are the screwdriver style antennas. I have used them in many different situations with great results! However, there are a few drawbacks to this antenna. The number one drawback is its price!

Some of the smaller less efficient ones will not need any inductance matching at the base that I have spoken of, but the largest most efficient ones will require some type of impedance matching. The other drawback to these antennas is a big one! There are many things to wear out and go wrong with the motorized antennas. Plan on replacing the finger stock, or spring system making contact to the coil. Also, there is an electric motor that can and will need replacing. They need to be taken apart and cleaned and lubricated quite often if you use them all the time. My antenna does not require this regular maintenance, and the coil itself is protected 100% from the weather! I have a lot of people emailing me asking if this antenna requires a tuner, the short answer is no, now here comes the long answer. This antenna is designed to be a resonant antenna, this means the antenna itself is tuned to the frequency that you are using.

Unlike the antennas on the market that say they require no tuning but need an antenna tuner to be used along with them. Those other antennas are basically a transformer at the base of a single whip antenna. The Transformer makes it easy for the antenna tuner to do its job, but, the antenna is not resonant! A resonant antenna such as mine, will require you to change the tap points for the band in which you want to operate, this is a little bit more hassle than the no tune antennas, but is much much more efficient! Now, here is the interesting part!

Remember I told you that my antenna requires impedance matching at the base because it is a resonant and efficient antenna, You can use an antenna tuner to simplify this process! You are basically getting the best of both worlds! You have an efficient antenna that is resonant on the frequency you are using, but there is no need to add capacitance or inductance at the base of the antenna because you have the antenna tuner to take care of that part. The LDG tuners on the market are fantastic! And they do it very quickly.

But if you are not familiar with HF mobile, or. You just want to "simplify" things, a small automatic antenna tuner is the way to go!

Just remember, you are only using the tuner to match the impedance, you are not trying to make a "non resonant" antenna work for you such as the "no tune" antenna's. This is the 600 watt version. Not only will this work on ALL HF bands from 3.5 to 30 Mhz, it also acts as a half over half high gain antenna on 2 meters!

We have made some improvements on this already great coil! The machined end caps are now heated and pressed into the coil form. This leaves NO room for movement on the ends. Also, we are soldering direct to the end cap bolt instead of using a terminal ring. This is of coarse 100% sealed and waterproof!

Yes, this IS the complete antenna with the two section whip! You will need the desired mount and coax.

Go on youtube and look up "TRX Communications 392M Antenna Mobile Test ". You are looking at the 392m HF mobile/portable antenna system. Over the past 8 years of testing many improvements have been made. The best being our CNC machined parts! This antenna can take a beating!

I along with others use this antenna on the top of the vehicle. Open to all kinds of abuse from trees to drive-through's!

Also, the tap wire connections have been put through the test as well. Need to worry about replacing this antenna for a very long time. The idea for this antenna was conceived during the replacement of a gear motor for a "screwdriver" style mobile antenna. Third time replacing the motor.

I also had replaced the beryllium contacts several times along with the drive. We thought Wouldn't it be nice. To have a mobile antenna that can cover 80m through 10m CONTINUOUSLY without gaps with no internal moving parts to wear out? Would need to cover the entire range so that it will be friendly to CAP or MARS operators as well as marine frequencies. It needed to be easy.

To mount without special brackets or guy wires such as the ones used with many screwdriver antennas. Also, it needed to use the standard.

3/8 x 24 thread mounts that are so common and diverse. Yes, it needed to be unaffected by the elements. Of everyday driving and extreme weather conditions and easy to keep in working order. "No nonsense" HF mobile/portable antenna system that is all of the above! There are other "band tap" style antennas on the market such as. The Outbacker and Opek, but this antenna is different, not only does it cover the entire frequency range (not just certain bands), but it does. It with more efficiency and it looks better while doing it!

It will also cover 6 meters when you shorten the adjustable whip provided. This will handle 600 watts of power, more than most mobile installations. This comes at a cost far less than the. This is a RESONANT antenna system!

Words, this is not one of those "no tune" antennas. If you see an antenna that claims to work on all frequencies without tuning, don't be fooled! Those antennas do work and you can make contacts with them, but they do not come close to the efficiency of a similar sized resonant antenna. They have a transformer at the base of the antenna that is more like a dummy load with a whip on it. Here are some reviews from our customers, I have many more and will be posting them in due time. Just wanted to say hello, and to let you know your antenna coil is performing beautifully on my setup and is now proudly displayed on QRZ dot com. Thanks again for such a quality and well performing product! I have it installed on my Chevy Trailblazer using a Comet RS-480.

"Lip" mount on the top of the rear driver side door. I found the antenna very easy to get matched and working on 40-10 meters, which were the only bands that I was really interested in. I realize that the Comet is not an ideal mount but it is what I was using with Hamsticks.

I have worked in to Europe on 20 and 17 meters from here is Wisconsin and gotten 59 signals reports. I have also worked from coast to coast here in the USA on 20 and 17 meters. I also worked Europe on 40 meters. I will be looking forward to your web site and as I operate mobile I will try to point other hams to your web site.

Thanks for a good product. Before I bought your antenna I bought a similar multi-tap antenna that MFJ just introduced.

I found that their advertising was very misleading the antenna was several feet shorter than advertised and every time you changed bands not only did you have to change the taps but you also had to readjust the whip. I have set this antenna up for 6 meters and that is all I will be using it for. If there was any thing that I would have liked to have seen with your antenna was the ability to tune it for 6 meters. Also check out Jason Gant W^AUX's web page for a review of the antenna with him and Gordon West. All coil connections are wrapped then soldered for strength.

Tap connections are solid brass. Uses standard mobile mounts with 3/8 x 24 thread.

Coil is 12.0" x 1.5". Adjustable from 6' to 9' total height, then just use the taps for frequency adjustment. I have been building antennas for a long time. I have been a ham since I was 15 years old and have never lost interest in the hobby.

Ham radio is a "people" hobby where they help one another and learn from others. I consider myself very lucky to be able to earn a. If you have a question or problem PLEASE contact me and I will work with you to get the most out of your. Rarely, someone needs help to get things working properly, HF mobile can be very tricky and your installation much more.

Critical than that of VHF and UHF. I will do everything in my power to make this a good experience for you!

Go down the list in my feedback, there are. Many people who love the antenna and are amazed at it's performance!

Yes, on 40 and 75 meters as well, not just the "easy" bands. Thank you for considering this design for your mobile or portable use.

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  • Model: 392M
  • Modified Item: No
  • To Fit: Mobile/In-Vehicle Radio
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Compatible Brand: yaesu, icom, kenwood, alinco, uniden, outbacker
  • Country of Manufacture: United States
  • Frequency Band(s): HF
  • Non-Domestic Product: No
  • Directivity: Omni-Directional
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Brand: gla

392M HF VHF mobile antenna mars cap 600 watt HOA emcomm emergency mars field day