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K-480WLA 500K-1GHz MWithSWithFM/AIR/UVHF Full Band Antenna with 5M-20M Feeder

K-480WLA 500K-1GHz MWithSWithFM/AIR/UVHF Full Band Antenna with 5M-20M Feeder

K-480WLA 500K-1GHz MWithSWithFM/AIR/UVHF Full Band Antenna with 5M-20M Feeder
5M-20M Feeder K-480WLA 500K-1GHz MW/SW/FM/AIR/UVHF Full Band Antenna 0-30DB Adjustable Gain SDR Loop Shortwave Antenna Description: - This is a newly designed full band antenna with a wider operating frequency of 500K-1GHz (supporting DTMB digital TV signal reception) and continuously adjustable gain of 0-30DB. The carefully designed multi-stage low-pass and bandpass filters provide the best selectivity, and the built-in medium wave and frequency band stop filters can selectively receive signals within the specified frequency band, suppressing signals outside the receiving band for better reception effect, and all amplifiers are imported ultra-high frequency devices with better specifications. K-480WLA is an active ring broadband receiving full band antenna (with a built-in six band high-performance low-pass, bandpass filter, and MW FM frequency band stop filter), and also the first active antenna with a built-in filter, which can selectively receive signals within a specified frequency band to suppress out of band interference, make the reception effect clearer; providing seven reception modes: full band, MW (medium wave), SW (short wave), FM (frequency modulation), AIR (aviation band), 6m (amateur band), UV (UHF-VHF band), with a built-in 7.4V lithium battery and integrated charging management chip. The TYPE-C charging port is compatible with the 5V charging head and charging cable, making it very convenient to use. Adopting ultra-high frequency low noise amplification devices (with a maximum operating frequency of 1GHz and support for DTMB digital TV signal reception), the ultra-wide operating frequency of 0.5-500MHz has good gain flatness within the operating bandwidth, providing approximately 0-30DB gain (continuously adjustable gain).

The reception frequency covers the medium wave, short wave, FM broadcasting bands, and UHF-VHF aviation bands. It is simple to install with the small ring diameter of 68CM, and can be installed outdoors, on balconies, terraces, and rooftops. It is suitable for broadcasting enthusiasts and amateur radio enthusiasts with limited space to install.

All screws of the antenna are made of 304 stainless steel material, and the front passive matching box is a customized black fully waterproof structure for outdoor use in wind, sun, rain, and long-term installation. Suitable models include the S series S2000 S8800 for Tecsun, PL series PL-330 PL-365 PL-660 PL-880 PL-990, 909X 909X2 for SANGEAN, R71E for ICOM, FRG-8800 for YAESU, etc. Which are suitable for use in shortwave receivers and radios with external antenna ports in all corresponding bands, especially for SDR receivers. This antenna is a receiving antenna and cannot be used for transmission.

Precaution: - The antenna is equipped with a SMA male to male adapter, an SMA to 3.5 plug adapter, and an S2000 BNC adapter. Receivers and radios with other interfaces need to be equipped with corresponding adapters a small bottle of PVC adhesive need be prepared when installing the antenna, which is not included in the packaging list.

The K-480WLA uses a 50 ohm customized version of the K-180 ultra-low loss feeder with a diameter of approximately 3.5mm, which has the same performance as the standard American 302 feeder. For Tecsun PL series PL-600, PL-660, PL-880, 990 and SANGEAN 909X2 radios, please use the SMA male to 3.5mm jack adapter cable and SMA male to male adapter cable (1m). The K-480WLA is a completely new design and has a completely different circuit and working principle from K-180WLA and K-30WLA. Except for the feeder and adapter lines that can be used interchangeably, everything else cannot be used interchangeably (never connect the feed boxes of K-180WLA and K-30WLA to the front matching box of K-480WLA), nor can the front amplifier boxes of K-180WLA and K-30WLA be connected to the main control box of K-480WLA.

This connection cannot work properly and may damage components. Specification: - Model: K-480WLA - Charging voltage: DC-5V (2.5A max) - Charging port type: Type-C - Input and output impedance: 50ohm - Gain adjustable range: 0 - 30dB - Receiving frequency range: 0.5MHz - 500MHz - Working mode: all band/MW/SW/FM/AIR/6m/UV - Working mode receiving frequency range: All band: 0.5 - 500MHz MW: 0.5 - 2MHz SW: 2 - 30MHz FM: 70 - 108MHz AIR: 118 - 170MHz 6 meter: 30 - 60MHz UV (UHF VHF): 136 - 500MHz - Built-in MW FM Band-stop filter - Built-in LPF BPF multi-band filter Package Included: - 1 x Set of Antenna Note: - This antenna cannot be used for transmission. And the input port of the antenna can only be connected to mini loop antenna.

FAQ: Q: Can K-480WLA be installed indoors? A: The design of the K-480WLA itself is the outdoor antenna, whose front matching box is a customized version of black outdoor dedicated fully waterproof structure that can be installed and used outdoors for a long time without fear of wind, sun, rain, and rain. It can be installed and used outdoors, but it can also be used indoors. However, due to the obstruction of buildings and various indoor interference, this is the reason for poor indoor reception. So if conditions permit, try to install it outdoors as much as possible.

Even if there are no conditions, it should be close to the window or extend out. Circular antennas belong to magnetic field type antennas, which are not sensitive to electric field interference. This is its advantage and it has strong receiving directionality. Compared to electric field type antennas such as long wire antennas, circular antennas have lower bottom noise and have a good suppression effect on electric field interference. This is the fundamental difference between electric field type antennas and magnetic field type antennas. Moreover, the K-480WLA is equipped with a built-in six band bandpass low-pass filter and a medium wave and frequency band band-stop filter, which can selectively receive out-of-band signals in designated frequency bands, improving reception performance. The built-in ultra-high frequency amplifier ensures that the medium wave/short wave/FM/aviation band and UHF-VHF also have a maximum gain of 30DB (0-30DB gain is continuously adjustable). Q: Can K-480WLA be used in MW/SW/FM bands? A: The K-480WLA built-in amplifier uses a high-frequency RF amplification device with a working frequency of 0.5-500MHz, a maximum gain of 30DB, and a maximum working frequency of 1GHz, fully covering the medium and short wave, frequency modulation, aviation, and UHF bands. Q: Which radios can be used? A: As long as there is a radio with a corresponding band external low impedance antenna port, it can be used (50-75 ohms is the best), and which bands can be used is determined by which bands your radio's external antenna port supports. Q: Can I receive certain channels? A: We can only guarantee the quality and specifications of the antenna, but we cannot guarantee that it will definitely receive certain stations you want to receive. Especially for short waves, the propagation characteristics of ionospheric reflection vary at different times, seasons, and frequencies. Q: What is the difference between K-480WLA, K-180WLA, and K-30WLA? A: The K-480WLA is a brand new design concept and is completely different from the previous two ring antennas in terms of design circuits (except for the common feeder and adapter lines).

The K-480WLA has a higher operating frequency, higher gain, and the ability to selectively receive signals within a specified band to suppress out of band signals, which can adapt to more complex electromagnetic environments (this is a unique feature of K-480WLA among all active antennas). K-480WLA can be understood as the super upgraded version of K-180WLA, which solves the functions and indicators that K-180WLA cannot achieve.

That is, if it is a complex electromagnetic environment, K-480WLA is a better choice. We have advanced and professional instruments to test its gain and coefficient indicators.

Q: How about receiving amateur radio signals? A: The transmission power of amateur radio stations is relatively small and cannot be compared to the tens of kilowatts level of broadcasting stations. Both are relatively weak signals, so in order to have good reception effects, the antenna must be installed outdoors, with no obstruction in the receiving direction. Answer on reception effect: The reception effect of the antenna is related to the antenna installation position and electromagnetic environment. The function of the antenna is to improve reception quality and signal-to-noise ratio.

At the same location, it can only improve signal-to-noise ratio on the basis of the original signal. Only by installing the antenna outdoors or on the roof of the building can the previously inaudible signal be heard and the weak signal become a strong signal, the original strong signal become an ultra strong signal, so the antenna must be installed outdoors if conditions permit. Without conditions, the antenna must also be close to or extend out of the window. And we can only guarantee the quality and specifications of the antenna, but cannot guarantee that you will receive the signal you want. Description for antenna installation and lightning protection: The antenna does not have lightning protection function, and the antenna design has certain anti-static and induction lightning capabilities.

The antenna must be installed under the protection of a lightning grounding network, and there is a lightning grounding network on the top of high-rise buildings. The antenna must be installed under the protection of the lightning grounding network's sector, and must not exceed the height of the lightning grounding network and the building. Specific lightning protection issues can be consulted with qualified relevant institutions and units. Q: Whether the walkie talkie can be connected A: The main frequency bands of the walkie talkie are VHF and UHF, and the K-480WLA amplifier has a gain of 30DB.

The walkie talkie is very prone to overload for strong signals, and the performance after overload is that it can't hear anything or the signal-to-noise ratio decreases. Therefore, the K-480WLA is not suitable for connecting to the walkie talkie, especially in the FM band strong signal area, it will be overloaded at 100%, and accidental transmission will damage the antenna at 100%. So active antennas are not suitable for connecting to walkie talkies, and are suitable for receiving dynamic SDR receivers and professional receivers and radios.

Usually it costs about 30USD-50USD. If you receive the item that not satisfied or defective, please do not open case and kindly notify us within 30 days.

K-480WLA 500K-1GHz MWithSWithFM/AIR/UVHF Full Band Antenna with 5M-20M Feeder